Thursday, October 14, 2010

Room for Improvement


Our styles evolve. Thank god!

When Tazim Damji invited me to participate in her home decor event as a guest blogger, I started to flip through my photo albums to try to come up with an idea for a project to share.

Looking at the old home photos was kind of like looking at my high school yearbook. Wow, I made a lot of interesting decisions!

My first instinct was to shred the bad photos, and forget that I ever thought these rooms looked good. Instead I went the other way and opened up my album to the public.

Every creative step we take leads us on a journey. Those early steps are far from perfect, but they are oh so necessary if we want to grow.

I invite you to hop over to my guest post "Embarrassing Decorating Moments" to have a good laugh at my early stabs at "style."

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  1. thanks so much for not shredding your photos! :)


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