Monday, February 14, 2011

Zombie Romance

printable card from Pretty Messes

When I got my e-newletter from Amanda at  Kind Over Matter a few weeks ago, it had the subject line: Open at Your Own Risk (Mature Content). Not something you usually see from Kind Over Matter, so my curiosity was piqued and  I opened it.

Once there, I found an ad for the shop that showcases Amanda's other side called Pretty Messes. Like me, Amanda has a complex personality, an odd juxtaposition of super sweet and not-so-sweet.

It is in her Pretty Messes shop where I found this great printable that I turned into my husband's Valentine's Day card. One of  my favorite activities with my husband is watching the Walking Dead and discussing how we would survive a zombie apocalypse, so this card seemed perfect.

Amanda's Pretty Messes shop is, self-described as "off-color" so if you visit, be forewarned. So if you'd prefer to stick to her sweet side, try Kind Over Matter.

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  1. I love it! Although there are few people who I would let eat my brains. I'd let you take a bite though :-)


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