Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Shooting Better People Pictures (Part 3)

This is Part 3 of a week-long photography series Shooting Better People Pictures by Trish Hummer of Everyday Images by Trish. 

Part 1:  Digital photography basics and great full-body shots
Part 2:  Focus on faces and shoot when they're not looking
Part 3:  Being silly and letting kids be kids
Part 4:  Capturing relationships and shooting groups
Part 5:  Doing what they love and going faceless
Part 6: Shoot multiples of expressions
Part: 7: Great lighting, the unexpected, and indoor sports
Shooting Better People Pictures (Part 3)

Tip 4: Capture Fun
Catch people having fun or being silly, whether close up or far away.

Tip 5: Let Kids be Kids
Catch kids being kids. It's so much easier than trying to get them to pretend they are models.

Have examples of your own to show? Leave a comment with a link or share them at the Creative Sprinkle Flickr Pool.


  1. I love photography and your post is great! It's on my list to learn more about taking pictures and using my camera. Thank you for the great information and for visiting my blog! I've missed reading your blog, too. Good luck with your new job!
    Happy Holidays!


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