Friday, December 17, 2010

Shooting Better People Pictures (Part 5)

This is Part 5 of a week-long photography series Shooting Better People Pictures by Trish Hummer of Everyday Images by Trish.

Part 1:  Digital photography basics and great full-body shots
Part 2:  Focus on faces and shoot when they're not looking
Part 3:  Being silly and letting kids be kids
Part 4:  Capturing relationships and shooting groups
Part 5:  Doing what they love and going faceless
Part 6: Shoot multiples of expressions
Part: 7: Great lighting, the unexpected, and indoor sports

Shooting Better People Pictures (Part 5)

Tip 8: Capture people doing what they love.
Shoot people doing what they love and you'll always get good pictures of them, whether they are focused on the task at hand or showing you what they're up to.

Tip 9: Faces aren't always required.
As much as I've emphasized faces, I should point out that you don't always need to see their faces for it to be a good picture and to instantly be relevant to the subject. Some of these images might not hold much significance to an unrelated observer, but to those who know and love the subject, they can have great meaning.

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