Thursday, December 16, 2010

Shooting Better People Pictures (Part 4)

This is Part 4 of a week-long photography series Shooting Better People Pictures by Trish Hummer of Everyday Images by Trish. 
Part 1:  Digital photography basics and great full-body shots
Part 2:  Focus on faces and shoot when they're not looking
Part 3:  Being silly and letting kids be kids
Part 4:  Capturing relationships and shooting groups
Part 5:  Doing what they love and going faceless
Part 6: Shoot multiples of expressions
Part: 7: Great lighting, the unexpected, and indoor sports

Shooting Better People Pictures (Part 4)

Tip 6: Capture Relationships
Look for pictures that reveal something about people's relationships. It is very helpful to take picture of people relating to one another so that you can avoid the awkwardness of relating to the camera. The manner in which people interact is often evident in their pictures together.

Tip 7: Shooting groups
When shooting groups of people, avoid having people stand shoulder to shoulder. Try to stack them so that you fill more of the frame with their faces. Or ask them to do something other than just standing and smiling. When shooting large groups, look for smaller subsets within the group. (This works great whether while shooting or in the cropping stage.)

Have examples of your own to show? Leave a comment with a link or share them at the Creative Sprinkle Flickr Pool.

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