Sunday, December 19, 2010

Shooting Better People Pictures (Part 7)

Today's post brings a close to this week-long photography series: Shooting Better People Pictures by Trish Hummer of Everyday Images by Trish. 
Part 1:  Digital photography basics and great full-body shots
Part 2:  Focus on faces and shoot when they're not looking
Part 3:  Being silly and letting kids be kids
Part 4:  Capturing relationships and shooting groups
Part 5:  Doing what they love and going faceless
Part 6: Shoot multiples of expressions
Part: 7: Great lighting, the unexpected, and indoor sports
Shooting Better People Pictures (Part 7)

Tip 12: Take advantage of great lighting
When you see great lighting, run for your camera and start shooting.

Tip 13: Embrace the unexpected
If something unexpected happens, just keep shooting. The photo that you didn't intend to take often ends up being a keeper.

Tip 14: Keep your friends close
When taking pictures in interesting settings, try keeping your subject close to the camera instead of off at a distance.

Tip: 15: Find the story in the sport
Indoor sports are tough, especially if you don't have a big fancy lens. Leave the action shots to the pros, and focus on the images between (and around) the action. That's where the story lies.


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